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Say Goodbye to Mystery Callers

Sitting quietly at home on any given night can become a nervous, even frightening situation for anyone who receives telephone calls from an unknown source. When the phone rings and you do not know who is calling, it is entirely normal to fear the worst – a stalker? Someone who has changed their number trying to make contact, or is it something else? The simple truth is that it can be difficult to know, and although calling right back to find out may work, the disadvantage of […]

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An End To Confusing Phone Calls

Nobody who has a telephone is immune to the risk of unsolicited phone calls. The moment you fill your number in on a form, for example, there is a possibility that it can be shared with other companies. It may be that your provider itself has passed on the details somewhere – and in the case of a cellphone it is a simple fact that numbers are released in sequential batches of 50 or more at a time – so if you take one cell number and […]

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Who’s Calling Me?

All too often, there are those of us who will receive phone calls on our cell or home phone from a number we do not recognise. Whether from caller display or from looking through the last numbers to call our phone, we will be able to find out what these numbers are, but not to whom they belong. Naturally this can be somewhat daunting to the owner of the telephone being called, as it triggers off all sorts of different – and occasionally scary – circumstances. Who […]

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